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Residential refinishing is one of our specialties. Our track record is strong in the field. The most common phrase we here from customers is "it looks like new". We use high quality materials, professional tools, and our many years of experience to repair, refinish and revitalize your cabinets. Below i will explain the process and general pricing. Though a solid quote wont be possible until the in-home visit.

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Guiding Clients Every Step of the Way

The process for in home refinishing begins with a customer sending a few pictures of the project to us. We then can make a ballpark estimate and schedule a visit to measure and firm up the price. Then we schedule a day to pick up all removable pieces including doors and drawers. From there we complete the removable pieces and begin the in home work, which can take from 2-6 days depending on the size of the project. Once we have the cabinets coated we remove all of the paper and tape and clean up. Often times we can rehang the doors same day however if the shoot day goes late we will hang the doors the next day.

Residential Clients: The Process

Pricing can range a bit depending on the type of finish you go with. Specialty finishing will run more than a standard finish or paint. There is an added charge to updating hinges and hardware. Other option like alterations or replacing cabinet doors will have to be quoted separately.
Depnding on size, kitchens tend to run between $3800 and $8500. Bathrooms tend to run between $500 and $900. If you do your bathroom(s) at the same time as the kitchen we can give much better pricing in respect to the bathroom(s). If you have any further questions please check our faq page or contact us.

If you have any other questions or want to contact us call 586-344-9277 or click the email button below.

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